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Hazorea has been supplying world markets with quality water lilies since 1990. The water lily farm is situated in the fertile Jezreel valley in Northern Israel where climate, water and soil conditions are perfect for the growth and propagation of strong, vital water lilies and lotuses.

We are renowned for our quality. Most rhizomes you receive from Hazorea will have at least one additional growth point.

Choose from about 100 true to type varieties of Hardy and Tropical water lilies and lotuses, some of them unavailable from most other suppliers.

We also grow a few of our own new and unique varieties.

Order your lilies when you need them!

Your Hazorea lily rhizomes will develop leaves in just a few weeks after potting, and flower the same season.

You do not need to overwinter your lilies months before the season and store them through the winter.

Hazorea Aqutics waterlilies come with a guaranteed to grow promise and we will replace any properly cared for plant that does not grow.